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2023 Cadmus Book Awards - Submit Today Promo

Updated: Feb 19

Are you an author with a passion for storytelling and a talent for the written word? Do you believe in the transformative power of literature? If so, the Cadmus Book Awards is your chance to shine on the international literary stage. In this blog post, we invite you to submit your literary masterpiece to the Cadmus Book Awards, a prestigious competition that honors outstanding literary works from around the world. Discover how your book can make a lasting impact and gain the recognition it deserves.

The Cadmus Book Awards: Celebrating the Art of Writing and Storytelling. At the Cadmus Book Awards, we firmly believe that books have the ability to change lives, inspire minds, and shape the world. Our mission is to celebrate the art of writing and storytelling by recognizing the talented authors who have made significant contributions to the literary world. Whether you've penned a captivating novel, a thought-provoking piece of non-fiction, beautiful poetry, or an enchanting children's book, we want to celebrate your literary achievements.

The Legacy of Cadmus: The Cadmus Book Awards draws its name and inspiration from the legendary figure in Greek mythology, Cadmus. He is renowned for founding the city of Thebes, but his story extends beyond mere myth. Cadmus embarked on a heroic quest to rescue his sister Europa, and in the process, he consulted the Oracle of Delphi. As the story goes, he followed a divine sign—a cow—and established Thebes where it lay down. Cadmus's journey also included sowing dragon's teeth into the ground, which miraculously grew into fully-armed soldiers. These tales of adventure and transformation have inspired countless writers and poets throughout history, including T.S. Eliot in his renowned poem "The Waste Land."

Why Submit to the Cadmus Book Awards?

  1. Recognition: Being recognized as a Cadmus Book Awards winner is a testament to your literary excellence. It's a badge of honor that can open doors to new opportunities and wider readership.

  2. Media Coverage: Winners of the Cadmus Book Awards receive extensive media coverage, allowing you to share your story and message with a global audience.

  3. Promotional Opportunities: We offer winners valuable promotional opportunities, helping you reach more readers and expand your author brand.

  4. Connect with Readers: The Cadmus Book Awards not only celebrates authors but also connects them with eager readers who are seeking compelling and thought-provoking stories.

How to Submit: Submitting your book to the Cadmus Book Awards is simple. Visit our website, follow the submission guidelines, and take the first step toward gaining the recognition your literary work deserves. Don't miss this opportunity to share your voice and vision with the world.

The Cadmus Book Awards is more than just a competition; it's a celebration of the art of writing and storytelling. Whether you're an established author or an aspiring writer, this is your chance to showcase your work, gain recognition, and inspire readers around the world. Don't let your literary masterpiece go unnoticed—submit to the Cadmus Book Awards today and become a part of our rich literary tradition. Embrace the spirit of Cadmus and embark on your own literary journey.


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